How does WOXheal® work?

  • In the preclinical pharmacology, Diperoxochloric Acid Topical Solution was investigated to see if it fulfilled two important properties for healing of open wounds, that is, to prevent bacterial infections, and enhance activity of Fibroblasts to stimulate the healing and to enforce closing of the wound.
  • Antibacterial action: Diperoxochloric Acid Topical Solution is functionally anti-bacterial (especially against gram negative bacteria), which keeps the bacterial burden of open wounds low. It shares functional properties of Reactive Oxygen Species [ROS]. Anti-bacterial activity according to the German standard DIN 58940 was shown against E. coli, P. aeruginosa and S. aureus bacteria.
  • Fibroblast cell proliferating action: Diperoxochloric Acid Topical Solution shows fibroblast-proliferating activity towards MRC-5 fibroblast cells. This suggests that the ratio of vital to dying cells in the wound is improved by Diperoxochloric Acid Topical Solution. Significant growth stimulation was observed in a time course up to four days following stimulation with Diperoxochloric Acid Topical Solution.

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