Getting Started with WOXheal

WOXheal® has not been tested in pediatric patients. So, it can only be safely used in patients with diabetic foot ulcer above 18 years of age.

For pregnant women, lactating women and persons below 18 years of age- Please refer Prescribing Information of "WOXheal®" and write notes for them. In case you belong to any of this category, please let your specialist Doctor know and they can decide a whether "WOXheal®" should be prescribed to you or not.
WOXheal® package consist of two bottles bottle A(small bottle) and bottle B(big bottle). Bottle A Diperoxochloric Acid concentrate, the active ingredient presented in a 10 ml bottle and bottle B is Sterile Sodium Chloride Solution BP presented in a 30 ml bottle: Either bottle A or B contents should not be applied directly on the wound bed. WOXheal® is a clear, colourless and odourless reconstituted solution after mixing the contents of the bottle A and bottle B.

  • WOXheal® is a topical solution meant for the treatment of Diabetic foot ulcers.
  • The WOXheal® application has two parts: Part 1 is preparation & Part 2 is application
  • You must wash your hands thoroughly before opening the box for preparation.
  • Bottle A (small bottle) and Bottle B (big bottle) should be opened. The entire contents of small Bottle into big Bottle to form the desired mixture for topical application. Do not pour the contents of big Bottle into small Bottle.
  • Empty small bottle should be discarded carefully and close big Bottle with the Cap.
  • To form WOXheal® reconstituted solution, big Bottle should be gently moved upside down 5 times. Now, WOXheal® reconstituted solution is ready for use. please note... Do not shake the bottle vigorously.
  • WOXheal® reconstituted solution has to be stored at cool and Dark Place.
  • Once WOXheal® Reconstituted solution is ready it must be used within 14 days.

  • You must wash your hands thoroughly before applying Diperoxochloric Acid Topical Solution.
  • Before application, the wound should be clean thoroughly as advised by your doctor.
  • Find a dropper in the inner box and dip the Glass dropper into the WOXheal reconstituted solution and 3.5 ml should be applied on inner gauze of 5 x 5 cm in a ZIG-ZAG fashion - 3 times 1 ml and 1 time 0.5 ml.
  • While applying, make sure that dropper should not touch to the inner gauze
  • Now, apply this inner gauze swab on your wound area.
  • Cover this inner gauze swab with outer gauze swab to prevent dryness at the wound site.
  • Finally, fix the gauze to the wound by rolling the bandage over the outer gauze.
  • Once done, use micro tape to seal the dressing.
  • On subsequent days, remove the tape carefully followed by bandage and outer gauze.
  • Apply WOXheal® reconstituted solution 3.5 ml on inner gauze Daily and dressing should be done as described earlier. Remember that the bandage and outer gauze should be changed on daily basis and the inner gauze should be changed every alternate day.
  • Ensure that you do not touch the dropper to the inner gauze during each application.
  • If the wound size is bigger than 5 by 5 cm, multiple gauze should be used to cover the wound surface and WOXheal® reconstituted solution 3.5 ml should apply on each gauze.
  • It is advised not to use the Reconstituted Solution should after 14 days of mixing/reconstitution

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