a) What size of the wounds could be treated with DPOCL?
According to data from a phase III clinical trial, WOXheal® solution can be used to treat wounds having a maximum area of 16 cm2

b) Is the 3.5ml reconstitute standardized for all size wounds?
3.5 mL reconstituted solution is sufficient for each 5 X 5 size inner gauze. For larger wounds, more inner gauze would be required, hence, the dose needs to be multiplied depending on the number of inner gauze required.
This can be done as follows:

  • If the needed gauge is 5 X 5, then the dose is 3.5 mL
  • If the needed gauge is 10 X 10, then the dose is 7 mL
  • If the needed gauge is 5 X 10, then the dose is 5 Ml

  • c) Should the wound debrided before the first application of DPOCL?
    Yes and No, depends on the requirement.

    d) Should the wound be cleaned every day before DPOCL?
    No, the wound should be cleaned on Day 0 (before the start of therapy). Every day, wound cleaning before DPOCL application is not advised as it will disturb the fibroblast activity.

    e) The inner gauze would be stuck to the wound, how can it be removed?
    This will be a problem in case of dry wounds, which can be managed with the help of moistening with normal saline solution. Saline will ensure that the removal is easier, painless and fibroblast bed is not disturbed.

    f) Dropper has markings of 0.5ml and 1ml, how to apply 3.5ml every day?
    It is recommended to apply 1 ml dosage 3 times daily along with a 0.5 ml dosage once.

    g) Is Offloading required?
    Yes, it is a standard non-pharmacological intervention in every DFU patient.

    h) Entire kit will last for 7days or 10days??
    The kit should last for 8 days, if the dose is 3.5 ml. It mostly lasts 7 days considering the spillage.

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